Baby Shower Cakes Ideas

There are very many baby shower cakes ideas that you can have a look at for satisfaction. Having the best cake will be one of the ideal ways to ensure you have a memorable and special baby shower. The cake you have chosen must be the standout thing during such an important occasion so you have to be decisive enough on what you settle for. The following are some of the baby shower cakes ideas you can always have a look at in making the right choice:
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  • Baby buggy cake – this is an idea for your baby shower cake that is highly adorable. Every mother-to-be will cherish the chance to have it since it has an attractive design. It’s made of a rounded cake measuring 9” with green and blue colors adding the necessary elegance.
  • Flower bouquet cake – if you are looking for boy baby shower cakes then this is a good idea. It is made of marshmallow halves that are well rolled with some colored sugar to make it tasty. There are petals with bright colors that pop up to add more stylishness to the cake.
  • Lamb cake – this is the idea for any woman looking to have cupcakes for baby shower on their special day. It’s very sweet because of the mini-marshmallow coating it comes with. This cake idea is perfect for a baby shower with a nursery-rhyme theme but you should not limit yourself to that only.
  • Umbrella cake – as the name suggests, this cake idea for a baby shower has a shape resembling that of a real umbrella. It has good symbolism for the day and has some jelly beans raining down. It’s bright and bold with a 9” cake that is rounded.diaper cakes for baby showers
  • Cigar box cake – this cake idea is ideal for making the presence of the dad-to-be felt at the baby shower. Whether he will show up or not, this cake idea will add that touch to the occasion. It has that manly feeling and includes tootsie roll cigars that come in a box measuring 9” x 13”.
  • Baby bib cake – you can have this diaper cakes for baby showers idea to fit into any theme for your occasion. It’s a very flexible idea. The fruit chews that are rolled out give the cake a duckling design while nonpareils give it the right ruffles.
  • Stork cake – this is yet another good cake idea for your baby shower. It’s a classic indication of the baby that is about to come thus making it highly suitable for a baby shower. You can have it for either girl or boy baby shower cakes.boy baby shower cakes
  • Baby booties cake – these cakes reflect shoes worn by a baby. Many mothers consider shoes to be the most adorable item for their babies thus this cake idea will be very much ideal for your consideration.
  • Bird’s nest cupcakes – this cake idea for a baby shower signals a fresh beginning thus a perfect choice for your occasion. They are always ready to be served so are not too demanding. It’s one of the easiest baby shower cakes ideas to consider.

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