Baby Shower Cards

When you are planning to organize a baby shower, you will need to have as many guests as possible. But, you should not have everybody in the village coming over. It should be restricted to invites only and that is why you should have baby shower cards for the purpose. Most importantly, the cards are used to send congratulatory messages to the mother. Designing such cards can be at times difficult more so when deciding the type of information to include therein. What should you write in baby shower invitation cards?
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Choose relevant information only for Baby Shower Cards

There is a lot that you can write down in a card for baby shower invitation but stick to relevant information only. Don’t just write down anything for the sake of it but relevance is very important. Stick to the theme and intentions of the occasion. The wording of the card has to touch the mother-to-be or the unborn baby in a positive and happy way. Avoid any annoying messages. It’s all about congratulating the new mother upon giving birth.

When you are designing baby shower cards, it has to be addressed to the mother. Do not be too casual if the mother is a professional in any field. There are chances that she will share it with other working colleagues so be as formal as possible. Address the mother-to-be in an official way. Include her two names and don’t use nicknames unless it’s under extremely casual situations. If she is married, you can include the third name of the husband to make it complete.
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In case you will enclose the baby shower cards in an envelope, make sure names written on the card and envelope are the same. There should be no contradiction whatsoever. Choose wisely your baby shower card wording to be sure it addresses the exact needs you are targeting to satisfy. You are advised against being too wordy but keep it simple. Precise words like “congratulations”, “well done” and “all the best” are ideal for a card to a baby shower event.

Be clear and precise

The mother should not struggle or get bored reading through the messages on the cards. You can design cards for several types of people. You can have a card designed for a friend and this will be casual in nature. You can use any type of words as long as they are not offensive. Just keep it friendly to connect well with the mother at a personal level. There are also thank you cards for baby shower with a religious messaging. In these ones, you can include quotes from the bible that are relevant.
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Creating an impression that children are gifts given by God will be a good religious message for such cards. There is a way to sign out your baby shower cards and it should be touching. You can use words like “love always”, “best wishes” and “yours truly” in casual cards. Words like “kind regards” and “yours sincerely” should be included in formal cards.

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