Baby Shower Food Ideas

What should you and your guests eat on a baby shower? That question is one that troubles many moms-to-be on this occasion but there are immeasurable baby shower food ideas that you will get to have a look at in making your choices. In most cases, baby showers take place in mid-afternoon thus the question of food cannot be ignored. You can choose to even have a full meal but then it will depend on a number of factors.

It will not always be easy choosing the right food for baby shower since guests have their varied needs to address. One of the key determinants for the food to have is number of guests invited. The amount of food you prepare will go by the number of guests expected. If they are many, you must prepare a lot of food and if they are few your food should not be that too much. Always have food for your baby shower limited to number of attendees.
food for a baby shower
Also, you will not have the same food for elderly people and children. Both sets of people have diverse requirements that must be captured in your food ideas. Timing can as well have an influence on your baby shower food ideas. The food you prepare for a morning session will be different from the one of the afternoon and evening. Thus, your food ideas will be dictated by the exact time of the day when you are planning to hold the baby shower. There are other times when food ideas for baby shower are determined by the theme.

Consider day’s theme

The food you serve to your guests must resonate well with the theme of that occasion. There are multiple ways to ensure that is achieved. For instance, your color theme might be pink or blue and the food service must match that. The plates you serve food in as well as clothing on the table must have a matching color to the chosen theme. Having food that does not match the theme of your baby shower will give a totally contradicting impression which is not what you will be looking for.
food ideas for baby shower
Should you spend all your time preparing food for a baby shower? Not at all, just be moderate and go for baby shower food ideas that you are sure will not be too demanding in terms of time. You need to prepare food that will be ready within the available time before guests arrive. They should not come and get you still in the kitchen. There is the alternative of going for baby shower finger food ideas and they are many to consider.
food for baby shower
Some of those that you should give serious consideration are pickles in a blanket, deviled eggs, easy eggrolls, veggie pinwheels, spinach sticks, mini crab cakes, crudités, baked olives, salmon cakes and Mexican “sushi” bites. All these baby shower food ideas have been tested and proven to be ideal for such occasions. You should not have reservations when making choices but be confident that you have chosen the best.

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