Baby Shower Games for Boys to Make the Party Unforgettable

Nothing can compare with such a miracle as expecting a baby. And no doubt you want your baby shower to only add to all these vivid and indelible memories connected with pregnancy and parenting. Well, the following list of baby shower games for boys is at your disposal. We hope they will make your expecting even more thrilling than it already is.

1. Boy Baby Names
Baby shower games for boys can be both helpful and fun. If you haven’t chosen the name yet then this game will definitely come in handy. Give your guests lists of paper and ask them to write the boy names on each letter of the alphabet. The person who writes more names than others definitely deserves a prize.

games for boy baby shower

2. Wishes for the Baby Boy
If you have already chosen the name then you can ask your guests to write the wishes for the baby. It is proved to be one of the most touching baby shower games for boys. To make it even more poignant ask the grandmother to read out the wishes. Or you can leave the wishes to be read on your boy’s 18th birthday.
3. Word Scramble
Here is one of the baby shower games for boys which will make your brain work. Print out scrambled boy-related words and give it to your guests. Their goal is to unscramble the letters in the words as fast as they can. The first one to finish wins.

4. Duck Race
If you consider previously mentioned baby shower games for boys too passive then this one will be just to your liking. All you need is a couple of baby baths and a few rubber ducks. The key thing here is to race the ducks without using your hands. See how your guests will manage with the task.

5. Don’t say that
Challenge your guests by giving them a task to avoid using some definite words. Decide on which words cannot be spoken during the shower. Better choose the ones that will be used most of all, like boy and baby, and see what nicknames for your baby your guests will come up with.

6. The First Baby Boy Portrait
Trying to draw the first boy baby portrait with the eyes closed will easily liven up the atmosphere. The guests can form two teams. Each one of them has to draw a portrait by joint efforts. After the portraits are finished the mom-to-be chooses the one she likes more. There’s also another way to make a portrait. You can cut the photos of mom and dad into stripes and let the guests arrange them as they wish so that you could see what the baby can look like.

7. Pin the Bow-tie
Draw your future baby boy on a list of paper and have your guests pin the bow-tie to his neck with their eyes closed. To make the task more difficult spin every person so that it would be hard for them to find the right place for the bow-tie. For this game you can even use the portraits made by the guests in the process of the game described above.

8. Feed the Daddy
It is one of the baby shower games for a boy that will definitely boost the spirits of your guests. The point is that the ladies have to feed their partners baby food with their eyes closed.
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9. Diaper Notes
Buy a huge box of diapers and ask the guests to write something funny on it. You probably can’t even imagine right now how uplifting it is when you have to wake up at 3 a.m. to change the baby’s diaper. And by the way, better use the permanent marker.

10. Celebrity Babies
Here are a couple of games for baby shower for a boy which include celebrities and their kids. The first one is connected with gender of the babies. You probably noticed that nowadays celebrities like to come up with unusual names for their children. You can make a game out of that. Print out the list of unisex baby names and ask your guests to guess whether it is a boy or girl. The point of the second game is to guess the celebrity parents of the children on the pictures.

12. Oh Boy!
Since we are talking about baby shower games for a boy here it would be just perfect to hear out some stories about boys during the party. Raising a son is full of adventures and interesting incidents. You can make a game out of it as well. For example, choose a couple of guests who will come up with their stories, but the key thing here is that one of them has to tell unreal, imaginary story. The goal for the others is to find out who is lying.

13. Diaper Change
Well, you can guess the point of the game by its name. The key thing here is to change the diaper on a doll being blindfolded. You can make the game more complicated by tucking something inside the diaper. Or you can even make the guests to fully dress the doll with a blindfold on.

14. Necktie
Another game played with the eyes closed. This time ask the guests to tie the necktie. The one who does it faster and neater wins.

15. Race to Water Break
Freeze the little dolls in the ice cubes and give them to your guests. The person whose ice cube melted first has to tell: “My water broke”. That person wins.
baby boy games for baby shower
16. Mom’s Belly
Guests have to cut the pieces of yarn of the length which they think is equal to the circumference of the future mom’s belly. Whoever came closest to it wins. One of the games for baby shower for a boy when it is absolutely normal to make comments about woman’s growing waist.

17. Baby Bingo
This game is kind of traditional and even predictable. Still, it is a way to make a fun competition out of process of opening presents. The guests just score when the present they predicted is opened.

18. Pregnant Twister
Prepare fake baby bellies beforehand. Make the guests play the twister wearing the fake bellies. That game will allay boredom at once.

19. Pregnant Cupcakes
Bake the cupcakes and put a miniature plastic doll in one of them. The person who finds the doll will be next to have the baby.

20. The Dirty Diaper
Melt the chocolate in the diaper. Guests have to pass the diaper as the music plays. When the music stops, the person who holds the diaper is eliminated from the game.
These games will make your party successful and definitely won’t mess it up. Choose the games you liked the most to entertain your guests and keep them enthralled.

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