Baby Shower Games Ideas

There should be nothing to make your baby shower a boring affair. That is an occasion to celebrate and be happy so it should live to that expectation all the time. You will come across very many baby shower games ideas that are a sure bet to make the day fun-filled. Make sure you have made your choices in the right way so as not to make any mistake. Trade your eyes on settling for the best only and that which is in line with the day’s mood.

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Some of the unique baby shower games to consider include:
Name the baby animal – this game entails listing down as many animals as possible and then start guessing to see who can name their young ones correctly. It’s really fun and a good way to welcome a newborn baby.
Guess the baby food – it is very difficult guessing out the type of food that a baby prefers but will be fun if used as one of the baby shower games ideas. You can collect those foods with an unusual flavor and then ask friends and other guests to do a taste test. It might look to be childish but its very fun.
Diaper messages – this is another of the games for baby shower that has additional benefits to the mother. You can have a collection of many diapers and then have the guests inscribe funny messages on them intended for the mother and the baby.ideas for baby shower games
Baby wish list – if you want to see how creative people’s minds are, consider this baby shower idea. It’s one of the baby shower games for large groups where guests get to write down what they want the newborn baby to do once he/she grows up. They are all well-intended thus a welcome idea.
Measure mom’s belly – the belly of the mom-to-be is usually big and getting guests to measure that will be the best of the baby shower games ideas to offer fun. Every guest can have a yarn cut into different sizes that they feel corresponds very well to the belly size and even make humorous comments about the increasing waistline.
Animal gestation period – this is something people learnt back in school and most of them have possibly forgotten. List down all the animals you know and have the guests to guess on their gestation periods. The answers you get will be as hilarious as the guests shower games for girls
Count the candies – in this game idea; take candies of different colors and fill them into a bottle. You can do it in two different ways. One, have guests count them all to see who will be accurate. Alternatively, have each guest pick candies of the same color and come up with the count.
TV show families – there are very many TV shows and from those you can pick different characters by their names. Have the guests guess which show they come from and it’s one of the best baby shower games ideas to try out as a group.

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