A List of Creative baby shower themes for girls

Ruffles, candies, all rosy pink, and other “sugar-and-spice” – anything is allowed when a baby girl is on the way. A great range of baby shower themes for girls will provide you with creative ideas to organize a memorable party for relatives and friends.

themes for girl baby showers

Below you will find a list of baby shower themes for a girl along with the tips for decoration, presents, snacks and outfits!

“Pink” baby shower themes for a girl

Let the girl within your dance and sing, with all your hidden girly instincts reveal coming to life – create a pink riot with any of these themes.

Glorious Pink

Various shades of pink rule this party – let them shine from anywhere starting from the tablecloth and napkins to the wall decorations and snacks. Candies, chocolates, cupcakes, tarts – anything that is pink and sweet is allowed on the table.

Ballet Party

Tons of white and pink tulle everywhere, ethereal flowers, theatrical crowns and accessories, tulle pompoms – create an atmosphere of lightness and beauty. The snacks should also be light and airy (or at least look so!) Ballerina cupcakes and tutu cookies can serve as fun snacks.

Tutti Frutti

Bright color pops, abundance of fruit and rivers of lemonade – these are the keywords for the fruity theme. Prevailing colors are banana yellow, watermelon red and leaf green. Fruit stickers or printouts will help you decorate the room, fruit desserts (like pineapple cake, sugar marmalade, frozen juice) are a must.


Get romantic and let your girly-ness unfold with this feminine theme. Define your own color palette and sew various ruffles, frills, and flounces. Serve pretty cupcakes and follow the ruffle pattern in cake decorations.

Fantasy baby shower themes for girls

Castles and unicorns, fairies and elves – create a fantasy world for the precious princess who is on the way. Get romantic, dreamy and creative!

Enchanted forest

This baby shower theme for a girl may turn out funny or mysterious, depending on your preferences. The keyword is “forest” and anything that inhibits it or grows there: leaves, mushrooms, moss, twigs, bark are perfect for decoration, the target colors are all shades of green, brown with the sprinkles of bright red, blue and yellow of wild flowers. And don’t forget to invite all kinds of magic animals!
baby shower theme ideas for girl

Fairy land

It takes only a couple of wings and a magic wand to make any little girl a fairy. It takes the same ingredients to make such baby shower themes for girls: tulle decorations following the shape of the wings and fantasy flowers, giant butterflies and mushrooms, glitter dust and dessert on a magic wand.

Natural themes for a baby shower

Tired of fancy props and pink color blobs? Then go for a natural baby shower which can take place anywhere – from your own garden to the ocean side or a mountain top.

Garden Celebration

There cannot be too many flowers for this theme: make a lot of bouquets and put them everywhere. To add some “shabby chic” feeling use watering cans as vases. Twigs and branches will look absolutely appropriate, too. If you are crafty enough, you may even come up with a DIY pergola or an arch!

Balloons party

Catch the feeling of cheery lightness with the help of some balloons, rice paper flowers and tender pink tulle decorations. The balloons party can is best held as a garden celebration on a sunny day.
baby shower theme ideas for girls

Beach Party

It can’t get anywhere more natural – seaside is your best prop, decoration and inspiration. Add some sweet funny details – shabby wooden table and chairs right on the sand, ocean of romantic flowers, balloons and sugar desserts.

Animal baby shower themes

Any sweet animal can act as hero for a party. Anything associated with a girl – be it ladybugs, foxes, cats, birds or even teddy bears – they all will do nicely for baby shower themes for girls.


Red, black and white are your to go colors as well as black dots on red or white dots on black – these pretty patterns on table wear and wall décor surely remind of this elegant insect.

Little peanut

While peanut is not exactly an animal, it is still a sweet whimsical theme. Play with the word peanut – serve peanuts as snacks, peanut butter crackers and sandwiches, prepare “Celebrate Lil’Peanut” flags and signes everywhere – and get really nutty with your guests!

Cartoons, movies and books inspired baby shower themes

Let your favorite characters guide your creativity! That will be a good reason to remember your own long forgotten child’s books or find new favorites in popular animated movies.

Little red riding hood

This is a sweet vintage baby shower theme. Bring a little of old French feeling to your party: green or red checked tablecloth and napkins, ribbons and flounces, vintage mason jars with old-style tags. Treat your guests to some croissant, truffles, and chocolate dipped berries a dessert.

Frozen themed baby shower party

For the fans of Disney’s Frozen: let the storm rage on! And it is pretty straight forward and easy to prepare: snowflakes, garlands, fake snow, glitter for decoration, blue icing on snacks and dessert, and a little crown for a tiny Snow Queen who is about to be born and melt the ice!
baby shower theme for girls

Fashion and Chic Inspired baby shower themes for girls

Forget sweet and pink: black and white, elegant and formal, classy and fabulous are also words to describe a girl! These amazing baby shower themes for girls will make your party an event to remember!

Fashionista Party

Style and chic are the goals. Define the fashion style you would like to follow, give your guests a dress code, so that everyone is wearing similar clothes. Or insist on everybody’s wearing a hat, a flower wreath or another accessory. Find the posters of fashion icons and put them on the walls.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Bring Hollywood glamour along with miss Audrey Hepburn’s elegance to your baby shower. Dress code for the guests: black and white attire, diamonds and pearls (of course!), feathers and lace.

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