Book themed baby shower

When some of your friends or close people are about to have their baby, it’s a high time to organize baby shower for them and one of the greatest themes for this celebration can be the book themed baby shower. Books and tales can give you a lot of ideas for inspiration for this great fun. The book theme can bring you a lot of inspiration!
If you know the gender of the future baby it is much easier to choose main colors for the baby shower. In case you don’t know the gender, it’s ok, just use colors good both for boys and girls.

To organize great celebration, use your imagination and our tips.

The Invitation

Book themed baby shower invitations can be designed looking like an old library cards or a pages from fairy tale. You can download some cool stamp-style fonts to get the look you need. Ask each guest to bring a book. After such a celebration future baby will have an entire collection of classic children’s books. Good old stories can bring you back to the childhood. You will have time to discuss and read your favorite stories.
book themed baby shower food

The Food

Divide the buffet into a sweet section and a savory section. Your sweet section also works as a kind of decorative display, with a cake at the center. Cake should be book themed too, of course. You can use any children story or tale heroes and create a cake using this idea. Cook or buy different sweets for all tastes: cupcakes, candies, cookies and so on. Don’t forget to make fruit kabobs, children love it! Jelly worms can be a great hint of book worms.

Traditional diaper cake can be a part of your celebration also. How to use a book theme for it? Well, use small colorful books along with diapers while creating the cake. It can look very nice and gaily.

All the food was should be designed to be children’s book themed. Use your imagination. There are a lot of fairy tales heroes connected with fruits, vegetables and sweets. One of the great ideas is baby bottled salad dressing. Don’t forget to make signs on the bottles.

Decor – Children’s Book Inspired Paintings

Nice decorations are very important for this celebration. Just print several big paintings inspired by iconic children’s books. It can be your favorite book covers or just illustrations. You can create paper decorations like paper flowers or any others from colorful book pages. It looks very cool and is not expensive (print the pictures, don’t cut a book).

Also you can make a backdrop of old book pages and print off book page covers to make a bunting, isn’t it cool?
book themed baby shower favors

Crafts and Activities

Pay more attention to the details. Use your imagination to create cool things. All the details are very important during a baby shower. Mommy-to-be will appreciate your efforts. Even cheap pens for your games can look fairy, just make some yarn Poms and attach to the top of pens and pencils. See the examples in web.

One of the greatest ideas we have found in web, it is a book page door wreath. People who created this beautiful thing used a very pretty book of tales. Seems like it was really painful to cut out the pages of such a nice book. Just find the tutorial in web and create the same cool wreath.

Ask everyone to bring a baby photo of themselves to your book themed baby shower, it will be a great fun. You can hang them along or just sit and watch them altogether and remember good and funny stories from your childhood.
If you want to play, these pictures will work for you. Guests should guess and write down who they thought each baby was. The person with the most right won the game.

While the mom-to-be opens her gifts, you can play one more game. Take a bag that can be used as a “hot potato”. Each time someone says the words “baby” or ‘’child’’, the bag get passed down two people to the right. The person who is holding the bag after the mom-to-be finishes opening her presents and has to open the bag. There is a “dirty diaper” full of melted candy inside the bag. The person who opens the bag is the first one to try to guess what candy it is. It ends up going all the way around the circle to mom who is the last to guess.

Another fun game you can play just requires sheets of paper. Each guest gets a sheet of paper and holds it behind his back. Choose some baby themed word like “baby bottle” as the word for this round. Everyone has to cut out the shape of a baby bottle behind his back. When everyone is finished, all guests hold their shapes up to see who had the best one. It will be hilarious to see all the different shapes that come out!
book themed baby shower games


Here is the small list of the most popular food-related books and stories for your ideas:

  • Winnie The Pooh
  • If you Give a Moose a Muffin
  • James and The Giant Peach
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Chippolino
  • Alice in Wonderland

And of course more books can be found in the closest book store.

Don’t worry, if you are not a great creator, a million ideas can be found on web, just search for book themed baby shower and use a lot of beautiful designs!

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