Car Themed Baby Shower Party

A car themed baby shower is a fantastic party to celebrate a new boy joining the world. It is also an occasion to honor all the happy boys of the planet, from clumsy toddlers to cool company managers. Age does not matter if they have one passion in common – cars!

A car themed baby shower offers so many resourceful opportunities for setting up a unique party to enjoy the upcoming arrival of a new baby boy and to praise his happy parents.
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Decorations and Accessories

The world of cars is vast and multifaceted therefore it is not a big deal to find tons of ideas to accessorize the car themed baby shower party once the mind is set to the key word “cars”.

Checkered flags in all sizes are great and inexpensive accessories to transform any room into a Formula 1 pit box. Used as table centerpieces, wall decorations, or even window curtains, they just scream, “Ready, set, go!” Smaller décor details like checkered beverage straws, paper cups, and napkins also add to the overall picture.

Another color that makes one immediately think of racing is Ferrari red. Combined with the checkered pattern it helps to create dynamic and cheerful mood at the baby shower party.

Toy cars also present a clever way to decorate a car themed baby shower party. Tell the guests to bring at least one toy car as a gift and they will be happy to oblige. Arrange a mini racing space on the table or in a corner of the room to host the gifts. A roll of black paper can be of great help: line it with chalk to resemble a raceway, let the guests put the toy cars there and watch who qualifies for a pole position.

Traffic lights may become a fun decoration detail too. Red, yellow, green – play with this color combination thinking of unexpected ways to fit it into the party. For example, traffic lights may be represented by colored paper plates, air balloons, tennis balls, or even pompoms and sugar candies.

Food Ideas for a Car Themed Baby Shower Party

Clever food decorations may turn regular party snacks into the event of the year. First of all think of funny names for the treats that fit into the theme. Drinks can be served in large cans labeled as “Antifreeze” or “Breaking Fluid”.
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Bagels and donuts can be marketed as “Tires” or even with specific variations as “All Season Tires” or “Snow Tires” depending on the type of frosting they are glazed with.

“Traffic Lights” vegetable bar may provide the guests with healthy vegetable snacks arranged in coordinated colors – red, yellow, green.

Another great idea to completely rock the car themed baby shower party is to serve the foods on real tires instead of trays. It looks absolutely appropriate for the theme and yet so laughable and bizarre! Also use other real life objects for decoration, like empty oil cans (it is not recommended to use them to serve beverages however); the effect is always worth it.

Activities and Games

There cannot be a car themed baby shower party without a real car race. While it is not the best idea to make the mommy-to-be race, it is ok to make the guests move around a little. And who will oppose to such a fantastic competition as a real F1 race?
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First of all make sure that you have a room spacious enough or a ground outside to fit for a raceway. Then mark the racing lanes using chalk, adhesive tape or mini safety cones. To make the race more entertaining let every participant put on a cardboard car in adult size. They are fairly easy to craft out of cardboard boxes and will definitely add giggles to the competition.

When the raceway is set up and the “racers” are ready, let the mommy be a grand marshal and wave a checkered flag. And don’t forget to fuel up after the final lap!

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