“Frozen” Baby Shower Party Ideas

“Frozen” baby shower theme is a romantic and elegant theme for the celebration of a baby girl. If Disney’s princess Elza is to be the hostess of the party, beware! Nothing is impossible if the Snow Queen is in charge of the feast – dazzling beauty of the snow and dark... Read more

Car Themed Baby Shower Party

A car themed baby shower is a fantastic party to celebrate a new boy joining the world. It is also an occasion to honor all the happy boys of the planet, from clumsy toddlers to cool company managers. Age does not matter if they have one passion in common – cars!... Read more

Party city baby shower decorations for the happiest day

Long-expected time for parents-to-be is filled with very delicate, tender feelings – it is all about baby shower. How to make this day happy, to leave positive emotions for mom and all the guests? The answer is simple: take some time, make a plan and use party city baby shower decorations.... Read more

Creative and Practical Food Ideas for Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower menu is fun but is also time-consuming and often quite challenging. With the initial delight about hosting a baby shower inevitably comes a slight confusion about the food ideas for baby shower. A hundred of questions arise: how extensive the meal should be? Should there be a... Read more

A List of Creative baby shower themes for girls

Ruffles, candies, all rosy pink, and other “sugar-and-spice” – anything is allowed when a baby girl is on the way. A great range of baby shower themes for girls will provide you with creative ideas to organize a memorable party for relatives and friends. Below you will find a list of... Read more

Book themed baby shower

When some of your friends or close people are about to have their baby, it’s a high time to organize baby shower for them and one of the greatest themes for this celebration can be the book themed baby shower. Books and tales can give you a lot of ideas for... Read more

Funny baby shower games

While the baby is on the way, the guests are already at the door, and it is time for the happy mommy-to-be to make them smile with some funny baby shower games. Below you will find a great list of party activities that will keep your guests entertained and bring along... Read more

Baby Shower Food Ideas

What should you and your guests eat on a baby shower? That question is one that troubles many moms-to-be on this occasion but there are immeasurable baby shower food ideas that you will get to have a look at in making your choices. In most cases, baby showers take place in... Read more

Cute Cream Cupcake Ideas for Baby Shower

Cupcake ideas for baby shower are a dish that is usually served in a celebration baby shower. Baby shower celebration was indeed thick with interesting dishes. In this celebration each dish is packed with interesting formed in various shapes are funny, cute and adorable. All who celebrate the baby shower would... Read more

Baby Shower Candy Bar Ideas Display on Buffet

Baby shower candy bar ideas need to be factored into your choice to celebrate a baby shower to be implemented. Baby shower candy bar ideas are one of the alternative election idea or theme that was taken in the baby shower celebration. One of the themes that can be taken is... Read more
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