Car Themed Baby Shower Party

A car themed baby shower is a fantastic party to celebrate a new boy joining the world. It is also an occasion to honor all the happy boys of the planet, from clumsy toddlers to cool company managers. Age does not matter if they have one passion in common – cars!... Read more

winnie the pooh baby shower decorations

No one knows as much about love, friendship and honey as this famous Bear. Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations are going to make your party shine with kind-hearted sweetness and hilarious humor. Give it a try to create an original party based on the story of Winnie the Pooh and... Read more

The most famous free printable baby shower games

There is a set of traditional entertainments for baby shower party. But, nothing prevents you to think up also about something specially. Your holiday will be wonderfully well and will surely be remembered by all the people, especially, if games will be such lovely and cheerful. 1. Who is where? The... Read more

Unique baby shower games

Picking out unique baby shower games that are both funny and appropriate might be a tedious task. There are certain criteria that a good party game has to meet: it has to be amusing but not too wild, it has to take into account the eating requirements of the pregnant lady... Read more

Creative and Practical Food Ideas for Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower menu is fun but is also time-consuming and often quite challenging. With the initial delight about hosting a baby shower inevitably comes a slight confusion about the food ideas for baby shower. A hundred of questions arise: how extensive the meal should be? Should there be a... Read more

Baby Shower Games for Boys to Make the Party Unforgettable

Nothing can compare with such a miracle as expecting a baby. And no doubt you want your baby shower to only add to all these vivid and indelible memories connected with pregnancy and parenting. Well, the following list of baby shower games for boys is at your disposal. We hope they... Read more

Book themed baby shower

When some of your friends or close people are about to have their baby, it’s a high time to organize baby shower for them and one of the greatest themes for this celebration can be the book themed baby shower. Books and tales can give you a lot of ideas for... Read more

Funny baby shower games

While the baby is on the way, the guests are already at the door, and it is time for the happy mommy-to-be to make them smile with some funny baby shower games. Below you will find a great list of party activities that will keep your guests entertained and bring along... Read more

sports themed baby shower

Celebration of your sports themed baby shower is ideal for those who are waiting for a boy and can be outfitted with football, basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball or other sport equipment. You can take into account all the details from customized invitations to favors, tableware and banners. Here are five tips... Read more
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