Out of the Deep Blue Sea: The Best Ideas For The Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

Nautical baby shower is peaceful and romantic – and with some great nautical baby shower decorations ideas you are going to easily ride through all the storms! With all the curious sea creatures, blissful sky and aquamarine of the ocean it is going to become your favorite party theme for the years to come. Take a look at the article below to find some helpful tips for nautical baby shower décor.

Dive into the Nautical Colors

It is fairly easy to define nautical color scheme: opt for light blues and whites and there cannot be a miss. However there are so many more shades in the sea color palette. In fact it is as changeable and unexpected as the sea during the day. It may include emerald green, tender sunrise pink, dark mysterious purple, or even Tiffany blue. In order not to get lost in the beautiful variety, choose three colors to work with and to design all the nautical baby shower decorationsnautical themed baby shower decorations.

Don’t forget about the stripes! Funny and inviting, white-blue or white-red stripes refresh the whole look of the party. They are definitely signaling about the sea adventures ahead!

All on Board!

The nautical theme cries for all kinds of ships, yachts, and boats along with all related supplies and accessories like anchors, sails, helms, nets, life saving devices, etc.
How cute is this garland of little anchors?
A rough fishing net draped carefree upon the wall turns into a charming nautical baby shower décor. It may also entertain the guests serving as a backdrop for a spontaneous photo shoot.
A real helm might become the main centerpiece of the party. If you manage to find more than one to place them as table decor, you are going to make the male half of the party immensely happy. No boy (no matter how grown up he is) can refuse the temptation to steer the helm taking his brave ship through the rough sea.
Little sails look infinitely adorable everywhere, for example, as clever dessert decorations in tiny portions of ocean blue jelly.


It is up to you whether to include pirates theme into your baby shower party or not but technically these sea robbers also relate to the nautical theme and – let’s admit it – they are sometimes pretty attractive fellows and their features and accessories can be easily recreated to enhance the topic of the sea.

Pirate hats, black marks, bandanas, skulls, secret maps, chests of treasures – all those rough pieces of décor are going to bring mischievous note into the party and become the coolest nautical theme baby shower decorations. And you always can add funny babyish details to make them look less dangerous and harsh.

All Creatures Big and Small

The depths of the sea abound in every kind of cute and friendly creatures who definitely won’t refuse the invitation and are coming to celebrate the baby.
nautical decorations for baby shower
Seashells, starfish, corals, whether natural or plastic, are also a necessary addition to the nautical baby shower decorations. You may arrange them in cute little bowls filled with white sand or you may glue them together on the sheet of polystyrene to create a kind of a nautical mosaic.

Another great idea is to drill holes and put a thread through these sea treasures to create a wonderful garland to decorate the walls.

Sharks, whales and dolphins are also great characters with recognizable shapes. It is pretty easy to cut out dozens of paper templates with these creatures’ shape to design pretty garlands or mobiles.

Message in a Bottle

The sea conceals myriads of mysteries about the sunken ships, treasures lost and wonderful survivals. What can better bring forward a hint of fantasy to the party than a mysterious scrap of paper in the bottle? It is totally up to you what kind of message the letter may contain. Maybe it is an invitation to an unexpected treasure hunt or a pirate quest? Or maybe it encourages the guests to write their own messages to the little captain who is about to come to this world.
baby shower decorations nautical theme
Any bottle will be appropriate for this as long as it is clean and doesn’t contain any labels. Wrap some twine around the bottle neck, attach an anchor or a helm for the complete nautical feel and you are done!

Nautical Diaper Cake

Nautical theme baby shower decorations offer a great variety of ideas for an original diaper cake. For example, this magnificent lighthouse standing firm on the rock, giving its guiding light to the ships lost in rapid waters – it is nothing but a pack of diapers stocked together and wrapped prettily with a satin ribbon. The real tiny candle adds a finishing touch to this impressive structure. And how cute are these tiny shoes!

Another amazing idea is a diaper cake in the shape of a gorgeous cruise liner. There is nothing overcomplicated here: just form two decks out of rolled diapers and wrap them with a coordinate nautical ribbon. Ahoy, the great nautical theme baby shower décor is ready!

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