Elephant baby shower decorations: rules, ideas, items

So, your girlfriend is pregnant, the tummy is already well visible, it means it’s time to prepare for the baby shower. This party is an interesting event not only for the mother of the firstborn, but for the woman who is ready to give birth to the second, third, fourth, and, and, and child. Friends and relatives should support a pregnant woman, give advice and present something useful for the baby. If the holiday is nice and cozy, you need to make beautiful interior. Great idea is to transform the house with elephant baby shower decorations.

The Essence of the Baby Shower

Baby Shower is a purely feminine gathering. They are invited, as a rule, women of all ages. Better if among them will be moms with many children; they have extensive experience in education and the birth of the baby.baby shower elephant decorations

The main idea of Baby Shower includes support and guidance for future moms, but don’t forget about the pink elephant baby shower decorations. Explain her how to behave during childbirth, how to care for a newborn baby. “Baby Shower” celebrates often before the birth of the first baby. After all, for second and subsequent children, the celebration is organized only if the parents want and more narrow circle of people.

How to organize a Baby Shower?

An optional condition is to conduct a Baby Shower at the home of a pregnant woman. You can arrange the party in your own house. Picnic is also great idea. Anyway, you have to get the perfect elephant baby shower decorations. It is possible to buy them or make with own hands. Often such a party is not a surprise for a pregnant mom, ask her to help with the design.

Particular attributes of the holiday can be called a list of things a future mom wants to get a gift. The organizer of the festival is simply obliged to help the expectant mother in preparation of such a list. In this list you can specify and not very expensive things to be purchased by guests. For example, it can be work colleagues.

Celebration of Baby Shower takes for two or three hours. First, it offers to eat properly. At this celebration you should not consume alcoholic beverages. And then to devour a lunch of three courses is simply not enough time. For this reason, do not serve only drinks, light snacks and sweet dishes.

Then start entertainment. These include contests, sweepstakes, games that are dedicated to the theme of motherhood. Those who won or participated in the contest, awarded the prizes.

The final stage of the festival can be regarded as the unpacking of the future mom gifts and showing them to those who are invited to the feast.
pink elephant decorations for baby shower
It happens that this ritual could take more than two hours. Sometimes it happens that these gifts be sent by mail from other cities or countries, but do not have time to walk to the celebration. And then everyone who’s invited to the feast, the pictures show these gifts which send by e-mail.

Typically, a newborn baby is presented with beautiful framed pictures with baby clothes, cakes out of diapers (towels, diapers) and bouquets with roses from baby socks.

You should keep records of each gift, to then send back a thank you letter. To do this, use elephant decorations for baby shower: cut out the cards in the form of an elephant or choose the paper with print animal. For example, it may be the words “Thank you for your wonderful hairdryer”. If the gift was donated costly, this person sent, as a rule, not only gratitude, but a little gift together with the basic thanks.

Ideas for interior: how to decorate the celebration place

The place itself is Baby Shower decorated with blue or pink elephant baby shower decorations. A lot depends on who will be born, a girl or a boy. In the same colours and make the whole occasion. For the main celebrations, the mother, the throne, organize, decorate with beautiful ribbons, flowers, balloons and elephant decorations for baby shower.

Those who organize a Baby Shower should show imagination in the design of the occasion. If you chose “clone theme”, take care of a sufficient number of elephant baby shower decorations. It may be garlands, beautiful pendants. Send invitation cards with the image of this animal. And prepare a gift with the elephant.

Do not leave unattended childish theme, anyway. Use special baby bottles with nipples instead of pepper shakers, salt shakers and bottles with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard. They do a wide opening. Across the room stretched garlands, which consist of kid diapers and clothing.
baby elephant baby shower decorations
Elephant baby shower decorations are also various napkins, tablecloths, figurines. In general, the elephant symbolizes a strong family, love and prosperity in the house. Tell a few words to the guests. Make elephant baby shower decorations on the cardboard so that everyone could write wishes for the child’s future. You can put a large piggy Bank in the shape of an elephant. Guests put money for baby’s needs there.

5 useful tips

  1. Elements are used when decorating depends on the selected theme of the party.
  2. In advance by e-mail are sent out a virtual invitation, for example with a soundtrack, but unless they can compete with the masterpieces that are delivered by regular mail?!
  3. Creativity in the design of the room and table setting? Welcome!
  4. The obligatory components of the decor includes garlands of baby things and toys that stretch across the room, the self-made slogans and posters, but the palm, undoubtedly, belongs to the multi-tiered cake out of diapers.
  5. Plan a light menu and interesting entertainment.

Elephant baby shower decorations photo tips

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