The most famous free printable baby shower games

There is a set of traditional entertainments for baby shower party. But, nothing prevents you to think up also about something specially. Your holiday will be wonderfully well and will surely be remembered by all the people, especially, if games will be such lovely and cheerful.

1. Who is where?

The first children’s photos of your guests will be necessary for you for free printable baby shower games. Ask your guests to bring them with themselves for a holiday party. Collect all the photos, put them on the prepared printable cards, and give a number for each of them. Ask all the guests to guess who is represented on the portraits. A little card should be given for the people, where they should write their answers. A person, who will write the answers correctly in a large number of that, will be a winner.
If you can find cards with pictures with children’s photos of the famous people, just add them to the photos of your guests. Such game will be more difficult, but at the same time more interesting.
You can prepare the chocolates, tasty candies, beautiful candles or something toys as the prizes for invited people.
free printable baby shower game

2. The forbidden words

At the very beginning of a party, the guests receive the free printable baby shower games cards with some written words, for example: child, kid, and children. They are forbidden to say. The task of every guest is to listen very attentively the conversation of others. If someone pronounce the forbidden word, it will be possible to give a special task, for example: to go to the shop and to buy something for a future child, or to take a soother and put it to the mouth, and to be in such appearance for some time, or maybe think of another tasks. The person, who will perform the fewest number of the punishments, will be a winner.

3. The predictors

Each of the guests receives a special card of the free printable baby shower games and writes the estimated date of childbirth, the weight and growth, color of eyes and hair on that. It is clear, that the summing up of the game will be later when the baby will be born. Who will make the most exact prediction, will be titled as the honorable nurse.

4. What is in a box?

The cards with some printed children’s thing are put in a box (it can be the pictures of soother, bottle, beanbag, thermometer, pampers, napkins, toy, diaper, teether, etc). The guests must take out one of the cards and try to guess what is printed on the picture. Nevertheless, they can ask the questions about the picture at free printable baby shower games for boys, the answer to which can be “yes” or “no”. For example: is this thing big, does it have a blue color, or something like that.

5. The name for a baby

Each of the guests writes on card a name for the future baby that she would like to name. It is necessary to remember a name of famous people with such one. The future mother will be very interested in such task, because she will be able to choose the name of her favorite singer or actress. The winner will be those, who guest the favorite famous woman.

6. The artists

All of the guests receive a card of baby shower games free printable, plate and a pencil. She needs to put a plate on the head, then to but a card on a plate and to draw a portrait of the future baby on it. The future mother estimates the work of portrait artist and announces the winner.
free baby shower game printables

7. The good advice.

The special box of the useful advices of free printable baby shower games in a visible place is established during a party. You can use the decorated box with a slot. Each guest writes on the useful advices the prepared card for the future mother, sharing the secrets of caring for the baby. The box is stored as a memory of the holiday. And it may be very good advice of friends and family that can help to resolve some difficult situations in the future.

8. The serious letter, addressed to the baby

You can invite all the guests to write a collective letter to the future baby. When he grows up, it will be able to read it himself. This will give an extra confidence that he is very awaited and loved. In the letter, everyone can express their wishes for the baby, talk about today’s life, for example, how many there are diapers and ice cream. Moreover, the good idea of free printable baby shower games is to design commemorative wall newspapers, where guests write their thoughts and wishes. Then it can be supplemented with holiday photos. In addition, you can write the wishes on the first page of the album for photos. Subsequently, it will be the first baby photo album.

9. The frivolous letter

Each player receives a paper card of free printable baby shower games with a question, on which it is necessary to write the answer. The questions can be like these: how many years, where will he work, what is the favorite car, a hobby, etc. After that, all the cards are gathered, the answers are read in a row, and the funny nonsense is happened: in 5 years, he will be a teacher of physics, and his hobbies are belly dancing, etc.

10. The quiz-auction

At the end of the evening, arrange a quiz in order to win the main prize – the honorary invitation to the first day of the birth of the baby. The questions of free printable baby shower games must be connected with the pregnancy and the characteristics of a childcare. For example, ask the guests to guess what time is it when the different animals bear their cubs. Everyone expresses their assumptions and get cards with the wrappers for the correct answers. The most erudite player of free printable baby shower games will be a winner.

11. Compose a poem

Each guest receives a card with the rhyming words.
The task is to write a poem on a children’s theme, where the rhymed word will be given at the end of each line. It will be very interesting to read it after the holiday and remember this event in the future. Also, you can think of a music and it will a wonderful and memorable song.

12. Remember the childhood: make a sculpture from a plasticine

For this game, you will need clay and different card of free printable baby shower games for boys with the written object to be made. It can be a variety of things from the field of childcare. For example, it may be a pacifier, stroller, rattle, etc. When the object is finished, all the guests have to guess what it is. It will be very difficult to make such little sculpture, but it will be very funny.

13. The question and the answer

This is a very cheerful game. The guests are invited to pull one card of free printable baby shower games out of the box with questions, and then immediately – out of the box with the answers. The players read aloud a question, and then immediately answer to it.

A list of questions for free printable baby shower games:

  • Do you feed your husband every day?
  • Do you get up in the morning with a smile?
  • Do you allow the strangers to abuse you?
  • Is your husband called “sweet candy”?
  • Does your child listen to you?
  • Do you take the child with you to the store?
  • Do you play the games with your child every day?
  • Do you read the newspaper that your husband likes?
  • Do you shout at your neighbors?
  • Do you enjoy the weekend with your family?
  • Do you dream of a bachelor life?
  • Do you know the secrets of your husband?
  • Does your husband wear socks with holes on them?
  • How often do you go to visit your relatives?
  • Did you make a hairstyle in expensive salons?
  • Do you apply a makeup before going to bed?
  • Do you clean your teeth every day?
  • How often does your husband give you the flowers?
  • Are your family holidays funny?
  • Do you talk on the phone, when the family is hungry?
  • Do you cut your nails, standing near the husband?
  • Does your husband lick the plate after a meal?
  • Do you raise your voice to the child?
    Did you fall out of bed when the dream was a bad?

baby shower games free printables
List of the possible answers:

  • The smart people do not give out the secrets.
  • It depends of what time I was awaken.
  • You can’t understand, but I like it.
  • No, it is still no use of it.
  • Yes, especially after the reprimand.
  • It is too philosophical question.
  • Every day, except today.
  • Yes, if you have something to eat.
  • Sometimes, when the house is upside down.
  • Yes, because this is written even in the newspapers.
  • This is my sore spot.
  • My hair says it clearly.
  • Yes, it is sobering!
  • Yes, because my husband will not kiss me.
  • Yes, at the most inopportune moment.
  • It is my sad secret.
  • Yes, it causes the appetite.
  • Did my husband tell about it to you too?
  • Yes, not to wash the dishes.
  • Yes, the neighbors did not survive because of that.
  • Yes, but our cat has the tantrums from it.

Well, if you like to arrange a holiday with baby shower games free printable to the birth of the baby to be so unacceptable to you, it is possible to organize something like that, but after the birth. Especially, as most of the games and advices are quite universal and should be fine for a merry holiday on the birth of a baby or a christening. The main thing is that a holiday would bring only a good mood and the positive emotions. Enjoy it!

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