Creative and Practical Food Ideas for Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower menu is fun but is also time-consuming and often quite challenging. With the initial delight about hosting a baby shower inevitably comes a slight confusion about the food ideas for baby shower. A hundred of questions arise: how extensive the meal should be? Should there be a warm meal or a bunch of cold snacks will do? Is it appropriate to serve alcoholic drinks for the baby shower?

The good news here is that with a baby shower being an informal kind of party there is no need to prepare a fancy three-course dinner. Instead opt for light finger foods and easy party snacks. Grab a handful of simple recipes and feel free to give them a novel baby twist with the ideas below.
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Food Ideas for Baby Shower – Helpful Tips

  1. One of the best food ideas for baby shower is clever decorating. It definitely helps to add a pinch of “baby feel” to the offered meals. It is ok to invest some money in thematic kitchen utensils like plates and cups, cake toppers, candy adornments. They can be kept for the future family celebrations and are full of sweet memories.
  2. Funny cookies in unique adorable shapes are another great food idea for baby shower. Special cookie cutters come in various funny shapes like a baby foot, a onesie, a baby stroller, a baby bottle, etc. Make cookies, coat them with coordinate color (blue for the boy, pink for the girl, remember?) and your dessert bar is half ready!
  3. Any food can magically turn into finger food with the help of a simple toothpick. Try experimenting with different foods, see whether it can be cut in cubes and set on a toothpick. You will be surprised to create a dozen of unique snack recipes on the spot.
  4. Providing every guest with a take-out box is also a neat food idea for baby shower. Decorate them with a funny label according to the party theme and it will make a nice party souvenir to keep and remember.
  5. Shock everyone and serve ready made bottled baby foods! But seriously, aren’t those tiny jars of apple sauce or turkey puree savory and mouthwatering? Perfect for the adults who have always been secretly craving to try one of those but felt too awkward to buy one.

Food Ideas for Baby Shower – a Menu Planning Guide

Baby shower menu has to meet two requirements: it should be light and easy to serve. The perfect choice might be a buffet style meal where each guest has a chance to fill his or her plate with the desired food.

If you decided in favor of hot meals make them easy to grab, delicious yet practical. Such savory mouthpieces like chicken drums, grilled wings, pizza slices, lasagna squares will perfectly satisfy the whole pack of hungry guests.

Meat and poultry dishes should be accompanied by fresh vegetables; so prepare a tray with green finger foods along with several kinds of salad dressings. Just for the fun of it choose the miniature veggie sorts like baby carrots or cherry tomatoes. Don’t forget to think of funny names for the goodies, write them down on pretty cards and place them near every tray.

Finger sandwiches, crackers and tarts are also indispensable parts of the baby shower menu. Serve them with the best party friends – tasty cream cheese dips and spreads.

As for desserts the choice is so vast that it is easy to get lost in the variety. The best way out is to prepare one huge cake as a centerpiece, and 3-4 fun desserts, like cookies, chocolate fudge bars, cupcakes or minipies. Serve some non-alcoholic punch or lemonade on top of everything else and be sure that your baby shower menu will be a huge success.
baby shower food ideas for boys

Baby Shower Food Ideas for a Boy

  • The easiest trick to give the party food a boyish look is to simply add blue color to everything, from the food decorations to table clothes and napkins. Blue color palette will create a masculine atmosphere at the baby shower.
  • If you are not against food coloring, go for it and add some “blues” to the food also. Organic food coloring may be the best and the safest choice. Blue frosting works well to decorate cookies, cupcakes and even lollipops. It is also great to imitate water or sea if you opt for a Pirate Ship cake or a Little Duckie Pond cake. Blue colored sugar dough is a winner when it comes to coating tiered cakes – why not use a wedding favorite to celebrate a new wee man?
  • Think cars, trucks, planes, ships – it is a boy baby shower, right? Absolutely adorable car shaped cakes are relatively easy to make on your own or you can order them custom made for a more polished look. Cake in a shape of a ship is also one of greatest baby shower food ideas for a boy: it might host some pirates on board as well as pretty toy animals.

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Baby Shower Food Ideas for a Girl

  • Just like with the boy baby shower, the color palette for a girl baby shower speaks for itself. Whether you like it or not, pink is immediately perceived as a girl’s color, so why not implement this flirty color to shout out aloud that a gorgeous little lady is about to come to this world?
  • Polka dots are also appropriate to decorate for a girl theme. Choose one pattern you like and make it appear in all the décor elements as well as in food. M&M’s and similar colorful candies are a great way to resemble polka dots. They can be put anywhere from quick cream cheese frosting to the elaborate princess cake.
  • Girly cakes might be among the best baby shower food ideas for a girl. Though it is hard to choose between a Princess cake, Barbie cake, Ballerina cake and the like, any of those will make your baby shower shine.

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