“Frozen” Baby Shower Party Ideas

“Frozen” baby shower theme is a romantic and elegant theme for the celebration of a baby girl. If Disney’s princess Elza is to be the hostess of the party, beware! Nothing is impossible if the Snow Queen is in charge of the feast – dazzling beauty of the snow and dark mysteries of the glaciers, sparkling charm of an ice palace and dangerous power of a blizzard.

What can be more exciting than planning in advance a “Frozen” baby shower party with all its darling little details, fascinating props and funny surprises for the guests? Here are some helpful tips to boost the imagination and get started!frozen theme for baby shower

Colorful Winter Magic

Princess Elza has proved that winter does not have to be colorless and lifeless. Even if it comes down to only one basic color, which is, of course, blue, it has endless possibilities. Indeed, there are hundreds of shades of blue, from deep aquamarine to Tiffany’s blue, so pick out 3 to 5 shades of this gorgeous color to work with, and make them shine in every decoration detail to create the icy “frozen” feeling.

However, it is a good idea to bring in some warmer notes as well else the guests are going to freeze to death. Throw some contrasting colors into the mix – it might be the purples of Anna’s coat, oranges of Olaf’s carrot nose, or Sven and Kristoff’s natural leather browns.

“Frozen” Baby Shower Party Decorations

“Frozen” baby shower theme provides a great space for imagination. First of all don’t hesitate to go through the boxes with Christmas decorations and grab anything that might be of help, like snowflakes, garlands, or artificial flowers.

It is also a great occasion to use artificial snow and glitters – just cut off some tree branches and spray some of the stuff over them to turn them into fantastic fairytale decorations.

Crystals and fake diamonds are also great for adding a winter fairytale ambiance. There cannot be too many of them – just hang them wherever possible and make sure that there is a light source behind them to bring forward their spellbinding sparkling beauty.

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Royal Garment for the Ice Queen

What would a real Ice Queen like to wear? One immediately thinks of sheer chiffon gowns sparkling with glitters or airy tulle skirts, all in the blue color palette. These fabrics may be used to decorate the walls and the ceilings, to create original backdrops for taking precious memory pictures with guests, or to set up beautiful table centerpieces. Don’t forget to add coordinate ribbons and lace details for a finished look.

While, of course, the precious little Queen is still on the way, these stunning fabric decorations may be used later to decorate the nursery or to constitute glorious props for a newborn photo shoot.

Snacks and Desserts

It is possible to bring along the “frozen” mood into the celebration without inventing super fancy recipes. Popular party finger foods and favorite desserts can be instantly transformed – perhaps, not without some magic help? – into fairytale savory delicacies.

But really, no magic wand is needed here. The key ingredient is the blue food coloring. Make blue frosting to decorate minicakes and blue icing to glaze cupcakes and cookies. Garnish them with silver candy balls for a finished sparkling icy look.

Blue punch has already become classic but it never gets old. It looks cool and completely at place at any winter themed party.

Set up a vegetable snack bar with low-fat yoghurt dips to provide the guests with healthy low-calorie finger food. It is suitable to decorate with the figurines or posters of Olaf and Sven because they are known as eager proponents of healthy vegetable diet (aka carrots).

frozen themed baby shower ideas

“Frozen” Baby Shower Diaper Cake

A diaper cake is a must-have at a modern baby shower party and a “Frozen” baby shower is no exception. While a simple traditional round diaper cake, wrapped with a ribbon or tulle in themed colors, is already cute enough, there are more ways of introducing this darling party centerpiece.

For example, a giant snowflake-shaped diaper cake is absolutely worth making as it will refresh the whole “frosty” party feel. Go for even more complex shapes and set up a princess castle diaper cake or a 3D snowman figure – a tribute to Olaf, of course.

Creative ideas for frozen baby shower theme

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