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While the baby is on the way, the guests are already at the door, and it is time for the happy mommy-to-be to make them smile with some funny baby shower games. Below you will find a great list of party activities that will keep your guests entertained and bring along sweet memories to stay forever.

The trick to a successful party is to keep games short and funny. Choose 3 or 4 from the funny baby shower games ideas presented below to break the ice and help the guests interact with each other. And don’t forget: the baby is the reason and inspiration for the celebration!
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Icebreaker Games

These games are great to meet the guests and to give a crazy laughing push to get the party rolling.

Baby Is the Forbidden Word

This is a popular game but it never looses its charm because of its simplicity – and it requires minimum advance preparations. All the guests are told at the beginning that they cannot say the word “baby” and receive some little token to keep; it may be a badge, a pin, a diaper, etc. When the “four letter word” slips from someone’s tongue, he or she has to give away the token to the person who caught him with it. The one who collects the most tokens is the winner.

Variation: the word “baby” must be substituted for another word, for example, “candy”, “tiny”, “apple”, “melon”, etc.

Baby Box

You don’t come to a baby shower without a gift, thus a mother-to-be is supposed to receive tons of presents that can also be used in a game. Prepare a large box with a pre cut hole or a basket with a lid. Put inside small items like pacifiers, toys, bottles, rattles, etc. Each person tries to guess what the items are by feeling them with hands only, without looking. Everyone writes down a list of what he or she found.

Who Is the Baby?

This activity needs some careful preparation but it will sure bring along sweet childhood memories for everyone. Ask everyone beforehand to send you a photo of themselves as babies, print them out. The party guests have to match an image of a wee infant with his grown-up version – be ready for some unexpected revelations and nostalgic tears!

Variation: create a slide show and watch together. This also requires preparation but the results are well worth it if you come up with a powerful and heart-rending presentation.

Food Games

The idea of an adult eating baby food is so comical and hilarious in itself that you can think of various ways of implementing it into your baby shower.

Baby Bottle Drinking Champion

The guests have a race drinking water/juice from baby bottles. The fastest drinker wins the race. Take pictures and be ready for some hysterical laughter!
Variation: fill the bottles with various beverages (tea, juice, coffee, lemonade) and let the participants guess what is inside.
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What’s for Dessert?

Serve samples of baby food in bottles (hiding labels or wrapping the bottles) and let the guests guess what they contain only by looking at it, without tasting or smelling.
Variation: exchange the contents of the bottles and have fun while your friends are savoring “delicious” baby foods and trying to find the matching bottle for each sample.

Active Games

When guests are getting tired of just sitting and picking on their plates, it is time to get them on their feet for some active fun!

New Life Tree

Go outside and plant together a tree to celebrate the new baby coming to the world soon. Of course, this needs prior discussion with the mommy-to-be on her preferences.
Variation: instead of the tree, plant a beautiful flower bed or a fairy garden. Don’t forget to leave a sign with your name, certifying your participation in this memorable event!

Diaper Cake

Let the guests divide into teams and have a contest for the best diaper cake. Give prizes for the Fastest Cake, the Most Creative Cake, etc.

Variation: make a diaper tower instead – stack as many diapers as possible without falling over.

Word Games

These funny baby shower games require some mental activity and will makes the guests strain their intellectual muscle.

Baby Crossword Puzzle

Fix a large sheet of paper to the wall (back side of a wallpaper roll will do nicely) and write some baby related word, for example, “infant” or “pacifier”. The guests have to think of other words and write them vertically and horizontally in a crossword puzzle manner.
Variation: use scrabble blocks instead of writing letters. Or prepare a baby-mommy word search and let the participants find the hidden words.
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Nonsense Poem

The first person writes a four-line poem (the baby is the subject, of course!) on a sheet of paper, then folds it so that only the last line is visible and passes to the next participant, who continues the poem trying to rhyme it with the given line. After everyone has written their poems, the whole sheet is unfolded and read. Some good laughter is guaranteed!

Variation: make the entertainment more refined and complicated by specifying a particular style for the poem: epic, praise, romantic, sonnet, etc

Have a great time playing these funny baby shower games but don’t forget to keep the entertainment friendly, positive, and respectful!

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