How to Plan a Baby Shower

Baby shower is not an everyday event. It comes like once in a year when a mother is about to give birth. For the rare time you have the occasion, pull all the strings to make sure it’s a success. You need to have tips on how to plan a baby shower and you will not be frustrated at all. This article will give you the best guidelines to follow as you plan your baby shower to success.
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• Set a budget – this should be the first thing to do when planning for a baby shower. How much funds do you have and where are you getting them from? You should plan a baby shower that is within your financial capability. Don’t plan for a big event that will cripple you financially. A budget should give you clear hints on how the money you have will be wisely used so give that top priority.

• Choose location – a baby shower should not be held at any location you feel like but it should be ideal for the occasion. You can have it at your house, in the office, at a restaurant or an outdoor place like a garden. The only thing you must be considerate about is ensuring the needed privacy is assured.
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• Have a theme – in your baby shower checklist; include the theme of the occasion. This is the way you want your baby shower to look like starting with decorations to colors and general arrangements around the place. The theme should reflect taste, preferences and personality of the mother or even the unborn baby if possible.

• Send invitations- you cannot have the whole village coming for your baby shower. It has to be certain people and they should be given invitations through cards. Invite guests who will fit into the space available and food prepared. You cannot understand how to plan a baby shower if you have more people than what you are capable of offering them. Deal with only those people in your baby shower guest list.
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• Food and drinks – this is a very critical part of baby shower. Make sure food and drinks have been included in your baby shower food list but keep it simple and within your budget. You can seek information from the invited guests on whether there is anyone who has allergies on certain foods or will require special diet. That is the best way on how to plan a baby shower to ensure nobody walks away unsatisfied.

• Factor in games – what would be the essence of having a baby shower if there is limitation on fun? There should be a baby shower gift list with all types of games that guests can play with the mother-to-be. The value of games in such an occasion is to ensure nobody gets bored. Go for games that are easy to play and offer unrivaled fun.
These tips on how to plan a baby shower will come in handy every time you are preparing for the occasion as a beginner.

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