Mess Around Like a Monkey: The Best Ideas for the Monkey Baby Shower Decorations

Monkey theme is an extremely adorable baby shower theme that can be easily adjusted to fit either a boy or a girl. To make your baby shower more fun than a barrel of monkeys, bring some mischief and silliness to the table along with some carefully prepared monkey baby shower decorations.

Paper Decorations

Paper or cardboard monkey baby shower decorations are the cheapest yet one of the coolest ways to remodel your party into a real jungle house. Find several templates in the shape of a monkey, banana, pineapple, palm tree, anything jungle related. Cut out plenty of color paper shapes and hang them around as garlands, attach them to the snack buffet and the diaper cake.monkeys baby shower decorations

Leave some templates to entertain the little guests: they might amuse themselves coloring monkey shapes or cutting out more paper bananas.

Giant paper leaves in the sizes limited only by your imagination create a stunning impression. These hilarious monkey baby shower decorations can also be used to hide little gifts, surprises and other monkeyshines from the guests. Or they can even hide the guests themselves if that is the game in this monkey house!
Also you may offer each guest a paper template to write the wishes for the mommy-to-be and the little monkey on the way. Afterwards glue them together to make a memory book or hang them around the nursery to remind you of the happy celebration.


No monkey comes without a pack of bananas, so let this natural wonder be your inspiration and lead you on a creative journey. Banana is a perfectly designed specimen both in color and form and it possesses a valuable quality of provoking smiles and laughter even in the most serious of guests.

Start off with real edible bananas. They can be placed hanging everywhere: on the ceiling, on the walls, on the tables. It is a perfect no-fail snack even for the smallest toddlers and weight-conscious guests and a wonderful parting gift.

The main thing to pay close attention to here is to make sure that bananas are not overripe and are able to survive through the day of the party, because brown rotten bananas don’t make anyone happy, really.
There is nothing to worry about with handmade bananas. Make as many as you can out of paper, felt and fabric and let them hang all around.
monkey themed baby shower decorations

Monkeying Around with Colors

Various shades of green, brown and yellow are typically the best choice when it comes to monkey baby shower decorations. Green balloons with yellow ribbons, chocolate cakes with mint leaves, pistachio ice-cream: you can use any element of the party to echo this jungle color palette.

To introduce a hint of the coming baby’s gender into the party colors, just add some polka dots and pretty bows for monkey girl baby shower decorations and maybe a cool toy safari jeep or some really masculine tiger to give the right look to the monkey boy baby shower decorations.

Monkey Diaper Cake

The key decoration of a baby shower party is a diaper cake. The best way to integrate it into the monkey theme is to look around and do some monkey business with anything you would find at hand. How about building a diaper palm tree with somebody hanging on its tail from the top?

The guests won’t say no if you ask them to bring toy monkeys as presents. You are going to have a pretty zoo full of these mischievous animals in various sizes! They can serve not only as room decorations and table centerpieces but also as diaper cake’s adornments. For example, a plush monkey riding a diaper bike is a very imaginative way to create monkey boy baby shower decorations.
monkey decorations for baby shower boy

Vines and Lianas

There is no monkey business without jungle vines. Where else should a self respecting monkey hang out? While you might buy some naturally looking decorations ready made, it doesn’t take long to craft some with your own hands with the help of paper and glue.

Simple paper circles in jungle colors sewn together constitute a smart monkey baby shower decoration which can also be used as an innovative backdrop for taking memorable photos with dear friends.

Long strips of satin ribbon hanging from the ceiling right to the floor can replace vines and look as cool and mischievous. This is also another chance to include gender biased colors, for example, add a pink ribbon if it is a monkey girl baby shower decoration.

Another option is brown butchered paper or twine. These materials create a wild, raw look and add to the jungle feeling of the party. The first letter of the future baby’s name can be cut out of Styrofoam board or build together with mashed paper. Afterwards it is wrapped with twine.

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