Be Naughty like a Lady: Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

The perfectly recognizable cartoon icon of style is going to take charge of your baby shower party! Glorious Minnie Mouse baby shower theme never gets old bringing together classic chic and girly humor. There are endless ways to implement Minnie Mouse baby shower decorations into the party. Some of the brilliant ideas are listed below.

Minnie Colors

Black, white, and red (or pink): this is the all-time stylish color palette of Mickey’s girlfriend. It goes without saying that all Minnie Mouse baby shower decorations should be represented in these colors. Try different combinations and don’t forget about the famous Minnie polka dots – whether be it white on pink or pink on black, make them shine everywhere throughout the party from the table covers to the cupcakes’ icing.minnie mouse baby shower themes

Make sure to be consistent and arm yourself with significant amount of napkins, ribbons, and balloons in coordinate colors. Don’t forget to tie pink ribbons on the baby bottles that are going to be used in baby shower games. There is no danger of overdoing – it’s Minnie’s world!

Minnie Mouse shapes

Another thing that makes the legendary couple of cartoon mice so unmistakably recognizable is that genius logo of the head with cute round ears. These shapes can totally be used as Mickey Mouse baby shower decorations because simple black silhouette is gender neutral, while a flirty stroke of femininity can be added with a pink bow.

The four-finger hand in a white glove is a universally known shape as well. Add some strokes of rosy pink and everyone will know the cute hand belongs to a lady mouse!

Such Minnie Mouse baby shower decorations as the cardboard or paper Mouse head shapes and hand shapes can be used anywhere as wall decorations, table centerpieces, party invitations, or cupcakes’ toppers. The mouse head shape is easily recreated in a snack bar using simply black plates of different sizes.

Use Styrofoam balls (they can be purchased in craft stores) to create amazing 3-D head shapes. Connect them with toothpicks or craft wire and decorate with glitters, fake diamonds or tulle – the outcome is so impressive the guests wouldn’t believe it is so easy to make!

Minnie and Mickey cookie cutters

Seriously, if you are into the Minnie Mouse baby shower theme there is no way you can do without Mickey Mouse cookie cutters. Not only they are indispensible for making delicious Mickey and Minnie cookies, they can also be used to entertain little guests: hand them out some craft dough (or real cookie dough!) and let them cut and decorate these pretty mouse heads.
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Minnie headbands, glasses and other props

Cute black headbands with mouse ears and polka-dot pink bows are another hilarious idea for Minnie Mouse baby shower decorations. They can be given out at the entrance to each guest for the uniformed look of the party or they might be part of the dress code (the guests must be told about the dress code in advance, ideally it should be mentioned in the invitation card).

Elegant glasses in a sophisticated black frame create a perfectly ladylike look, while the flirty pink bows show off the real girly nature of their charmong owner – Minnie, of course!

These pretty accessories will sure come in handy as photo booth props (who wouldn’t like to get a Minnie Mouse style portrait like this!), table adornments or a memory gift to take home.

Minnie Mouse garland

Garlands are a simple yet impressive way to create massive wall-size decorations. Made out of paper or even old newspapers they are also rather cheap and easy to craft single-handed. For the Minnie Mouse baby shower decorations you would want heaps of black mouse head shapes, pink and white bows and maybe some pink flowers or simply circles in different sizes. They can be sewn together on a sewing machine or glued on a string with a hot glue gun. The work doesn’t take long but the results are stunning.
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Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Decorations: kitchen utensils and table decorations

Though it is ok to invest some money in original Minnie Mouse kitchen utensils (your baby girl will be thankful for that a couple of years later), you can easily do with plain plastic utensils in white or pink color. Think of creative ways to adorn them! You may wrap them in a pink napkin with a Minnie bow or place them in a beautifully decorated mason jar. Either way it will add an additional “mousy” touch to the party.


No balloons, no party! It is up to you to decide how to stylize this accessory into Minnie Mouse baby shower theme. You may either arrange them on the wall in the shape of the mouse head, or tie them with polka-dot ribbons, or pair them together strictly according to Minnie colors: whatever way you do make sure there is a distinct stroke of Miss Minnie in that.

Minnie Mouse diaper cake

This hilarious diaper cake may perfectly do as Mickey Mouse baby shower decoration as well because it is based on the classic mouse head shape. Give it a fresh feminine look by adding some frivolous satin ribbons and bows or pinning some girly adornments like butterflies and flowers. Lady Minnie herself wouldn’t object to such an adorable present!

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