Party city baby shower decorations for the happiest day

Long-expected time for parents-to-be is filled with very delicate, tender feelings – it is all about baby shower. How to make this day happy, to leave positive emotions for mom and all the guests? The answer is simple: take some time, make a plan and use party city baby shower decorations.

Plan the day

  • The best way to set a splendid baby shower is to have someone to help to organize the event. It could be a friend, a sister, or a specialist (master of ceremonies). There are several points one should think about before the day:baby shower party ideas decorationsDate, guest list.
    Set the date and time. Decide, what kind of a party it would be (invite husbands or a party just for girls, with kids or no kids, etc.) It is better to have a firm date when it is 1 month away. Every guest should keep your event in mind in order not to miss and have in his own schedule.
  • Where to celebrate.
    As a place for the shower one can choose home or café, restaurant, even cozy spot in the park. It depends on season, mom’s taste, budget, favorite theme, number of guests.
  • Invitation cards.
    These timid or great cards, full of love and tenderness are usually awaited and sent beforehand. And it’s always nice, when invitation cards are ordered specially or bought in accordance with theme of the baby shower. It’s easy to do using party city baby shower decorations. The variety of them is huge: decorated with storks, dolls, diapers, carriages, ducks, bears; they are very popular and everyone often have them for a keepsake.
  • Food and entertainment.
    The food is an important part of the evening. Finger foods are very popular. Sweets and cakes are always good, it’s classic. But future moms are frequently fond of roast chicken, tuna melts, corn dogs, hamburgers, French fries and so on, so that’s a good idea to cater what they like and not to make an ordinary tea. Speaking about games, it should be said, every guest likes to win and, of course, to get prizes! There is a great number of games for parties (quizzes, bingo, mini-team games), so use your imagination and sense of humor. Writing materials, chocolates, toys, small towels are wanted as prizes.

party decorations for baby shower

Themes for design

Baby shower party decorations should be matched to a theme, which is the main. Two dominant ideas are still traditional: pink or red – colored theme – for a baby girl and of course blue – colored theme – for a boy. But this is in common. Party city baby shower decorations suggests parents lots of baby shower party decorations in every possible color, size, style. One can choose a favor idea to tie up everything about the event and make it sensible and harmonious. There are some of them:

Pink or blue safari

Animalistic mood and love for Mother Nature lies within this set. If a mommy loves animals, natural prints, so that’s an awesome choice, containing dessert plates, dinner plates, beverage napkins, lunch napkins, cups, paper table cover, plastic forks, plastic spoons, plastic knife, letter banner. There’s everything to decorate the room and the festive table.

Nautical theme

Planning baby shower is actual nowadays with nautical supplies, that is suffused with everything you need – kitchenware and such baby shower party decoration as hanging fluffy balls, balloons, stickers, paper lanterns. Nautical theme could be used at home as well as on picnic on the beach to be bright and jolly!
Bubble Bath Baby Shower Decoration.

Rubber duck is a symbol of childhood and infancy. So tender and cute ducks theme will be loved by every guest. It’s great for both –girl and boy party. Yellow and turquoise balloon bouquets will show the way to a festive room. Cups and spoons for tea, a big tart plate, garland – all displaying adorable ducky theme, welcoming new baby!
party city baby shower decoration

Woodland Baby Shower Decorations

As the previous this set is an example of very appropriate way of baby shower party decoration. It’s good for both genders. Little animal cubs are so nice and baby theme is in everything! Little bears, raccoons, foxes and owls – are favorite toys of kids. So they are everywhere: on banners, plates, 3D table centerpieces, balloons.

“Bright Welcome”

Very nice, gender neutral: this theme is simple, but very stylish. The color is main thing about it. The big banner is multi-colored and other things are bright and lively: yellow, lilac, hot pink, blue. Paper lanterns, fluffy decorations add more motion; they swing with the lightest puff.

Every theme would be advantageous if a host adds some pleasant details. It could be candies, lollipops and chocolates, candy bags with lovely mottos, new baby’s name or good wishes. Party favors are always welcomed. Baby shower decorations, offered by party city, assume many choices: bubbles, stationery, puzzles, stickers, mystery packs.

So, one can see, there’s as many ways to celebrate baby’s arrival, as possible. And the “decoration situation” is the same – it’s an awesome variety! Party city baby shower decorations help at once. Just open your heart, choose the best mood and the most sincere feelings for that event!

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