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Princess themed baby shower – it is an American custom to organize a party for expecting mother. Girlfriends of future mum are going to this party to show special care and attention to pregnant before her childbirth. Also at the party it is given honor to future baby, close friends give gifts to a culprit of celebration, be useful as for a child, and for mother.

The support and love of friends in the last few weeks before childbirth are particularly important for pregnant women, because we know that women in the “interesting situation” is much more sensitive and vulnerable than their friends, who not expecting a baby. Gifts also make the princess themed baby shower brighter, more pleasant and, of course, are doubly useful.
princess baby shower decorations ideas

The main part of the holiday

You can prepare a “Princess baby shower decorations” in two ways: secretly and publicly. Secret method assumes that you will not have to tell a pregnant friend your intentions to spend the holiday. All participants baby shower bring gifts for mom and baby. The organizers have to decide, on what basis gifts will be purchased. You can do this in two ways.

  1. The first way: all participants (of course besides pregnant women) to buy gifts at their discretion. These may be objects of care of the baby, for baby clothes, toys, as well as some nice and useful little things for expectant mother.
  2. The second way: the organizers make a list of the things that have not yet acquired their pregnant girlfriend, but she will need when the baby is born. All invitees are selected from the list of thing that can buy and give.

At the beginning of princess baby shower decoration all gifts are added to a place specially reserved for this.

The holiday usually arrange for 1-1.5 months before the date of birth. All the trouble of preparing it takes on friends and relatives of future mommy. From pregnancy only requires a guest list and a rough list of gifts. Invitees choose by themselves what to presents to baby and mother.
purple princess baby shower decorations
Another super idea for a gift for princess baby shower decorations is a cake of diapers. So, how does it do? It will take several dozen diapers. Roll each into a tight roll of, tie with a ribbon. Put a few of these rolls together and tie a wide ribbon. Get one tier of the cake. Take another 1-2 tiers, one larger than the other. Put a cake into the base of the biggest cake from diapers on it – the average, at the top – the smallest. Cake is placed on a round tray. You can decorate it a doll-princess, beautiful flowers.

Food and beverages for the holiday

From sweets can prepare themed candy bar style of princess. What can be included in the candy bar for a princess baby shower decoration?

  • Above all it is a theme cake, made in pink princess pictures;
  • Chocolate cake-pops in pink color;
  • Cupcakes, decorated with pictures of princesses, also in pink color;
  • Fruits.

As for drinks, you can choose tea, juice or something else.


For all guests need to send out invitations, decorated in pink, crowns, dresses, children’s arms and legs.

Topics of the holiday – of course kids! Making princess baby shower decoration can be done like this: The room is decorated with a garland of children’s clothes, soft toys and main attribute of baby shower – a cake of diapers. Do not forget to capture a princess baby shower decorations on a video camera, because very soon baby will be born, and her mother will be very pleased to recall the waiting time.

The place of celebration little princess baby shower theme decorated with balloons of pink color, they can also be drawings of different princesses. For a culprits of celebrations equip stylized “throne”, which is also decorated with balloons, flowers and ribbons. Through the room stretched garlands from diapers and baby clothes.
Everywhere are hung homemade posters with congratulations.
princess themed baby shower decorations

Games and contests

  1. Size
    Each participant cuts of the paper roll the size of which, as it seems to fit the size of the pregnant woman. Then, each measures the waist on her. That participant who guessed – get a prize!
  2. Story teller
    Girls using child counting rhymes find out who is coming up with the beginning of a fairy tale. Then each in turn continues the tale by inserting one sentence. The result is a fun tale with unexpected plot and interesting ending.
  3. “Predictors”
    Each guest receives a sheet of paper and wrote on it the expected birth date, weight and height of the child, eye and hair color. It is clear that the debriefing will be later, when the baby is born. That person who will make the most accurate forecast will be declared honorary nanny.
  4. Learn how to swaddle
    This is a competition for the expectant mother and the girls who have not yet had time to have children. For it will need a doll and diapers in the number of players. At a signal from the leading players begin to swaddle his “baby.” Who will make it faster and more accurately is the winner.
  5. Speed Cleaning
    If one of your friends already have kids, take them for temporary use baby socks (the more the better), they will serve you for a fun contest, all socks folded in a heap on the floor, and players should as quickly as possible to collect them in pairs. That guest who will be able to find and bring together more couples is the winner.
  6. Greeting card with the wishes
    When the competitions will be coming to an end, it is possible to put a great postcard to each of the guests could write their wishes for the expectant mother. This card has many years will delight the culprit celebration and remind her about this wonderful celebration.

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