Safari Theme Baby Shower: All Creatures Big and Small Come to Celebrate the Baby

Safari theme baby shower is a fantastic way to celebrate a new baby coming no matter if it is a boy or a girl. Safari theme is also great because it can be easily prepared DIY and on budget. Most of the decorations can be hand crafted with the designs found online. What is even better, none of these decor elements is going to be wasted, because they can be reused later for the kid’s birthday parties.

safari baby shower theme

It is perfect if the nursery of the coming infant is designed in the safari style too. In this case all the props and accessories used for the baby shower will fit wonderfully into a baby room interior.

Safari Theme Baby Shower Invitations

Start off your safari adventure by sending cool safari-themed invitations to the guests. While it is OK to buy some specially designed cards, they can be easily crafted with colored cardboard and paper. Just add some dried leaves and grass for the “wild nature” look and glue a picture of an adorable cartoon animal – and that will do!
The funny thing about the safari theme is that it requires some roughness and imperfectness, so do not strive for over exquisiteness, even construction paper will look appropriate.

Along with the obligatory fields of date, time and place of the celebration, the invitation should contain all particular information the guests should know. Is there a dress code for the party or a secret password? Maybe you would like to give a hint on what presents will be much appreciated? Or perhaps some “scientific” research on wildlife and animals will be helpful for the baby shower games – encourage your guests to do it in advance!

Safari Party Dress Code

Dress code is a hilarious way to add extra fun to the safari theme baby shower. Transform your guests into real party animals – literally! Suggest that they should wear al least one item that refers to the safari theme. Isn’t it a great excuse to grab those crazy zebra leggings that have stayed in the closet since high school? Or how about wild leopard scarves, tiger slippers, ethnic African handbag? Think of anything that will add a wild jungle touch to the everyday wardrobe. You may even award a prize for the best costume or for the smartest accessory. Think of funny nominations like “The most Tigerrific Outfit” or “The Queen of the Savanna”.

Safari Baby Shower Decorations

Two major things must be taken in consideration when it comes to decoration for the safari themed baby shower: they are color palette and animals (lots of them!). Stick to the colors that resemble sun-dried African earth – reddish brown, sepia, all shades of yellow. Let those colors dominate in every detail starting from the tablecloths and napkins to menu cards and dessert toppings. Spice them up with animal prints (zebra, leopard) and ethnic patterns.
To contrast with the earthy colors implement some bright spots of lime green and bright blue. They will set off the general palette and create a refreshing look.

To create authentic safari atmosphere bring in plants in containers (real palms will look most impressive). Dry vines can be used to imitate lianas to decorate chairs, walls and ceiling.
safari themed baby shower cakes
If there is no possibility to find real plants, plastic artificial flowers and greenery will do nicely.
Amusing savanna habitants are the most important part of the safari, and as safari baby shower decorations they neither bite nor roar simply because they are adorable and fluffy toys. Arrange them around the room wherever possible to create little cute centerpieces. Little plastic animals can be placed on the dining tables; large plush toys may peek from most unexpected places or even swing down from the ceiling.

Safari Themed Baby Shower Snacks and Desserts

The little secret for the successful safari themed treat is to give funny names to every snack and dessert. A regular ham sandwich can be transformed into “A Mighty Lion’s Hamburger”; a cheese sandwich might become “A Cheetah’s Cheeseburger” and so on. Here are other suggestions: “Hakuna Matata Juice”, “Lazy Giraffe Tarts”, “Simba Hot Chili Dip”, “Gorilla Cheese Sticks”, etc.

Some recognizable animal prints (e.g. zebra or giraffe) can be easily imitated with cream and various food colorings in cake decorations. A Rainbow cake or a Parrot cake will also look appropriate and matches the theme. Sugar dough animal figures also look appetizing and are easy to find in grocery shops.

Abundance of tropical fruit, tiny animal-shaped candies and jellies, funny cartoon cupcake toppers: all of these will create a wonderful safari themed menu. And don’t forget about chocolate: it fits perfectly into safari color scheme as well as into the bellies of the wild party animals; therefore there must be plenty of it!

Safari Themed Baby Shower Games

Prepare a list of various games for the guests that will break the ice and keep the mood bright and relaxed. It is allowed to act silly and have a lot of fun!

“Sounds of the jungle” is a typical safari themed game that never gets old. Do your guests know what sounds the animals produce? Lions roar, hyenas shriek and what do other animals do?. Let the guests be creative and fully express their “animalistic self”.

“What is my baby’s name?” is a quiz to find out how different baby animals are called. That is not as simple as it seems, so be sure to do some research in advance.
safari theme baby shower cake
“Tropical Fruit Quiz” is a yummy activity that everyone will definitely enjoy. Cut several kinds of fruit into little cubes. Along with well-known fruit like banana, peach, and pineapple add some more exotic specimen like mango, persimmon, or papaya. Serve them on a plate each with a toothpick and let each guest pick out three samples and guess what is what.

If there are children among the guests, prepare special activities to keep them busy. Arrange lots of crayons on a separate table, paper, some animal stencils, printed out cartoon animals, scissors and glue and be sure the kids will be happy and occupied. Another suggestion is to give each of them a paper bag, let them decorate it as their heart desires, and in the end of the baby shower fill their bags with candies and cute souvenirs to remember the wild fun of the safari theme baby shower!

If you are in quest for a gender neutral baby shower theme that is both modern and cute, then the safari theme might be just what you are looking for. Safari theme baby shower is going to be a roaring event to welcome the newest, wee-little member of the zoo!

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