sports themed baby shower

Celebration of your sports themed baby shower is ideal for those who are waiting for a boy and can be outfitted with football, basketball, tennis, swimming, volleyball or other sport equipment. You can take into account all the details from customized invitations to favors, tableware and banners. Here are five tips how the sports themed baby shower to be fun and cute!

1. Decoration of the room
Decorate the sports themed baby shower that it has acquired the appropriate style is not quite difficult, because you can find a big variety of sport goods in different markets. Place posters depicting athletes or some sports with a background in shades of various colors on the walls, buy balloons in the form of a ball and dilute across the room. As for the details, you can take weights, tennis rackets, hoops and skipping ropes, sports cups, tennis balls, Olympic rings, helmets and snowboards.
sports themed baby shower favors
2. Sports menu
The second step of preparing to the sports themed baby shower is a dining table. It should be borne in mind that athletes eat foods that are rich of vitamins and very healthy, but do not forget that the “athletes” are not real and deprive them with delicious pleasures are not worth. The main thing in menu creating is just your imagination. At first, decorate the table. It would be great if you find a cloth with the image of different kinds of sports. As for dishes, it can be a beautiful plates and mugs with a sporty design. Put on the table ready-made meals in the form of a pedestal. When playing games, you can give the winners “chocolate medals” as a kind of awards. Treats may be different, but try to arrange it in sports style, too. Cake can be made in form of a football ball, bicycle, or ski run, for example, if you have winter sports themed baby shower.

3. Dress-code
As for clothes, it needs to adhere to the sporty. You can discuss it previously with the guests: for example, it can be a form of favorite football team.
sports theme baby shower
4. Invitations
Sports themed baby shower invitations can be done in the form of the tennis racket or as a ticket to a football match. The words on it can be something like “Wait for you to have the sports themed baby shower as a member of the Football Team. Arriving of a baby is planning on July 2”.

5. Script
Think up a few sports themed baby shower games that can involve some kind of competition and prepare praises and “penalties” for those who lose it.
sports themed baby shower ideas
We hope you take into account our advices and organize one of the most valuable days in the best way!

sports themed baby shower ideas

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