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Picking out unique baby shower games that are both funny and appropriate might be a tedious task. There are certain criteria that a good party game has to meet: it has to be amusing but not too wild, it has to take into account the eating requirements of the pregnant lady (or ladies) and it must not hurt anyone’s feelings (thus it must not dwell too much upon mommy’s weight and size).

fun unique baby shower games

Besides many old games might be annoying and bore your guests to death instead of entertaining them. However with this guide of unique baby shower games ideas you will find it easier to get well-equipped for the long anticipated party.

Baby Shower Unique Games: Guessing Games

As the name itself hints, these games aim at guessing something, usually concerning the awaited baby, the parents or their extended family.

Guess Mama’s Waist Size
If the guests are a close family and friends circle and the mommy takes it easy about her weight (and you know it), this games can be quite funny. The idea here is that the guests are offered some yarn or satin ribbon together with scissors, and then they should cut pieces equal in length to the supposed mommy’s-to-be waist circumference.
Again it is important to pay close attention not to make the future mother feel awkward as this game centers on her and her body. Pay the beautiful pregnant lady tons of compliments!

Guess Baby’s Weight
The only disadvantage of this activity is that you don’t have an immediate winner, because the answers will be found only after the tiny winner comes to the world. Each guest is given a card to write the supposed day of birth of the baby, his length, weight, eye color, hair color, etc. The parents keep the cards and the results might be announced at the next get together when the newest family member has arrived.

A Star Baby
It might be a nice game to break the ice at the beginning of the party. Each guest gets a note with the name of some celebrity baby attached to the back. He/she has to guess the name by asking yes/no questions. As an alteration, the photos of the babies of celebrated parents might be printed out or shown on a screen for everyone to make guesses.

Quiz Games

Quizzes are unique baby shower games that are loved by everyone and come in large diversity. Quizzes require some beforehand preparation as they have to be printed out or cut out neatly in advance.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz
It is time to scratch your heads and remember sweet old nursery rhymes from your own early years. The questions may be about rhymes’ characters or some peculiar details. Alternatively the assignment may be to end the sentence: with the beginning of the rhyme written on the card, the participants write the sequence.
unique games for baby shower
Baby Animals
This is a much loved game that is both cute and educational. The task is to simply match the name of some animal with the name of its baby. Some words might be totally unknown to the guests; others come astonishingly in unexpected meanings.

There are several ways to alternate the game, for example, guessing how many babies each animal has or animal’s gestation period instead of names (it might be consoling for the mother to know that giraffes have it harder than her as their pregnancy lasts 15 months!)

Movie Babies
The guests should strain their memory to remember as many baby names from well-known movies and TV shows as possible. Someone has to count the answers or write them down on a white board so that the most active players could be awarded.

The alternative to this game may be to name babies and children out of well-known books. If you have a company of book worms, they may find it more intellectual and enjoy it more.

Activity Games for Baby Shower

Now it is time to stretch not only your intellectual muscles but your legs and hands! There are unique baby shower games ideas that are based on physical activities or crafting.

Men’s Turn
The dads come into action! The best way for the men to learn how it feels to be pregnant is to put a huge air balloon under their shirts and ask them to do something like tying the boot laces or picking up small items from the floor. Now they will learn it is not a piece a cake to get a baby into the world!

Diaper Change Olympics
One of the most hilarious baby shower unique games for the male guests is to have them put diaper on a doll or a balloon. The future dads have to master this skill as well as mothers, don’t they? The activity is funny enough without any alterations but you can blindfold the eyes to make the task even more exciting
unique girl baby shower games
Play Dough Baby
It always looks somewhat comical when adults get involved in childish activities. To let the guests show off their crafting abilities provide them with some play dough and offer to make a baby figure. The parents will definitely end up with a few masterpieces for a family museum.

Unique Baby Shower Games: Search Games

Get a pinch of adventure to your baby shower unique games by introducing a search game or a hunt game. Think of some items to hide, it might be diapers, baby bottles, some cards or tiny plastic dolls. Then hide them everywhere possible, think of most unexpected and ridiculous places, and then tell the guests to find and collect them. The most prolific souvenir-collector deserves and award.

A funny alternative: bake the items into the cupcakes or cookies. Make sure the items are safe for health and tell your guests in advance!

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