winnie the pooh baby shower decorations

No one knows as much about love, friendship and honey as this famous Bear. Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations are going to make your party shine with kind-hearted sweetness and hilarious humor. Give it a try to create an original party based on the story of Winnie the Pooh and his terrific friends.

Winnie the Pooh Quotes

Pooh is known for his unconventional wisdom expressed in a cute unexpected way. Nicely decorated quotes may turn out great Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations. Quotes look pretty on almost anything starting from colorful cardboard notes, cutely framed pictures, balloons or napkins up to large size wooden palettes. Don’t be afraid to overdo because overflow of wisdom cannot do you any harm. No one can remain indifferent when the Bear says, “Rumbly in my tumbly Time for something sweet!”
baby shower winnie the pooh ideas

I would like some HUNNY, please!

This is no secret that Pooh is crazy about the honey. So let’s fit honey and everything related to honeybees into the party as classic Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations. Tiny plastic bees may be used to decorate desserts; a giant poster of a honey comb may serve double purpose as a wall décor and a crafty backdrop for festive photoshoots with the sweet future mommy.

Another smart way to add a honey note to the celebration is to use honey pots, real or fake, as candy and cookie containers or to serve drinks. Also honey pots filled with “something sweet” are great as a parting gift to dear guests.

“Mommy to Bee” is a funny saying written on a corsage or garland is also a funny way to add some buzz into the party and bring smile on everyone’s face.

All Things Tiggerific

Don’t forget about Pooh’s friends because there can be no Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations without them. Each friend of Pooh’s (or better to say, his paper or plastic representative) may take charge of some part of the celebration.

Tigger is probably one of the most mischievous and recognizable of Pooh’s friends, and it is pretty easy to imitate his colors and patterns in various decorations and even food. For example, common wooden cloth pins painted in black and orange “tiggerific” colors will create an original thematic accessory.

Another frugal yet resourceful idea to implement Tigger patterns into the party is to use up the scraps of orange and black color paper. This can also be a fun activity for the guest kids – just equip them with paper, scissors and glue and that will keep their hands busy for a while!
 winnie the pooh baby shower ideas

Chew Your Carrot like a Rabbit

Rabbit is the most practical and sensible friend of Pooh’s. He can produce a lecture about healthy food if you only let him, so he may bring in some fresh vegetables and fruit from his own organic garden. Set up a veggie corner in your festive buffet with Rabbit as a host. Healthy snacks with yummy dips from the adorable fluffy farmer – what can be better!

Brave Little Piglet

Piglet is the tiniest of Pooh’s friends, and also most trustworthy and modest. He is often associated with his unfortunate affair with a balloon, so why not let him hanging tied up to balloon strings – for sure, the little creature would have enjoyed it! Add another stylish touch by choosing balloons of Pooh colors – honey yellow, red and green.

Winnie the Pooh Garland

Garlands and buntings are the simplest and the most impressive ways to decorate even a spacious room without big expense. There are several ways to make garland applicable to the Winnie the Pooh baby shower theme. Firstly, cartoon characters can be simply printed out on sturdy paper to create stylish and classic Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations.
baby shower winnie the pooh decorations
Another way is to use paper of the characters’ colors because they are quite recognizable by themselves: yellow for Pooh, pink for Piglet, grey for Eeyore, orange and black for Tigger.

And a bit of crazy idea for the daring: buy a used vintage Pooh book with pictures and make garland out of its pages. The latter may be also placed around the room as table centerpieces or snack holders or even be used in a guessing game. Sometimes the most unexpected things make the best Winnie the Pooh baby shower decorations.

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